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AMI autoPACK workshop 2013

Introduction to autoPACK

Association of Medical Illustrators Annual Meeting 2013, 1/2 day workshop

Instructors: Graham Johnson, Fabian de Kok Mercado, Merry Shiyu Wang

Introduction to autoPACK and cellPACK. Participants will explore the basic functionalities of the autoPACK software running as a plugin inside of the hosts, and in PMV and Chimera. Participants will:

Desktop systems running Cinema 4D and Maya will be provided, but we will also teach students who bring their own laptops with ePMV preinstalled or 3D Studio Max 2013 or 2014 or preinstalled for Blender. The instructors have limited experience in these last two packages, so we expect anyone using Max or Blender instead of C4D or Maya to be at least an intermediate level animator (more than 50 hours of hands on experience with the software.)

Novice-level 3D users, should plan to use our preinstalled versions of Cinema 4D to be able to follow the tutorials efficiently with its user-friendly interface.

1:30–3:00 autoPACK Viewer Tab

  1. Load and tame massive molecular models like HIV floating in Human Blood Serum (with atomic detail) using the basic “Viewer” functions

3:00–4:30 autoPACK Filler Tab

  1. Construct both artistic and biological worlds from scratch using the “Filler” functions including filling a blood vessel with blood cells at proper concentrations.
  2. Add accurate background and contextual details to existing pedagogic scenes (eg, build lipid bilayers around transmembrane proteins)

4:30–5:30 autoPACK Builder Tab

  1. Make recipes from scratch using the Builder Tab and by modifying scripts