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From the makers of Cinema 4D, Nab 2016 Rewind:
Graham Johnson of the Allen Institute for Cell Science, UCSF, and Vessel Studios demonstrates the many ways molecular data can be visualized in Cinema 4D with the help of the Embedded Python Molecular Viewer (ePMV). Graham shows how molecular dynamics can be achieved, and how DNA can be visualized. Using ePMV’s live connection to the Protien Data Bank, Graham loads the molecular structure for the Zika virus, and shows how Cinema 4D’s sculpting tools can be used to create a low-poly representation of the virus. Finally, Graham simulates a walking molecule using Cinema 4D’s Character Object and Cmotion tool.

The Art & Science of Cell Biology

Graham Johnson discusses the challenges of visualizing objects in the "mesocale", the scale of macromolecular structures in cells, which is difficult to observe directly. Graham shows how the tools he has co-developed, uPy and autoFill, can automatically build models based on data which are richly detailed, informative, and consistent with current knowledge. This talk was presented at the VIVID Sydney festival ( on 30 May 2013 as part of the VIVID Ideas "Connect with Science" event. This video was filmed and distributed with permission under a creative commons license.