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This poster created by Erin Fincher, Scientific Illustrator and Technical IRTA Fellow, National Institute of Child Health and Human Development does a great job of introducing career options in or incorporating scientific visualization.  Please use it as a starting point and then ask more detailed questions in the Forum below.
STEM careers poster from NIH
Description: The National Science Foundation, in partnership with Congressman Frank Wolf (R-VA), held a STEM Careers Fair at the Dulles Town Center Mall on September 27th and 28th. Team members from the HHSignite-sponsored NIH 3D Print Exchange* manned an exhibit at the fair titled Animation, 3D Printing, and Graphic Design in Biology. Exhibit description from the program: 
Explore the creative side of biological science! Biologists, medical illustrators, and biomedical engineers use computer simulations, 3D animation, and digital visual arts to help researchers and others visualize and understand biological processes at the molecular, cellular and organismal level. View 3D prints and see a 3D printer in action! Animate 3D molecules on-screen! Learn protein “origami.” 
The aim of the exhibit was to stress the importance of visual aids in scientific discovery on many levels. We wanted to make students aware that they can incorporate STEM careers with their creative interests in illustration, graphic art, computer animation, or video game design. For students with an interest in mathematics or engineering, there are also opportunities to use these skills to create bioscientific models and animations, or computer programs for biovisualization. 

*The NIH 3D Print Exchange ( is a virtual collection of biomedical 3D printing files and tutorials, scheduled for public release in early 2013.

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